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Pentref Baptist Church

Window on the World

Each month a new, fascinating story about the life, longing, travels, and expertise of local speakers, from nature talks, charity work, mental health and road trips, to gardening, history and cultures quite different from ours: Window on the World offers a series of talks on the last Wednesday of a month at 7pm and draws people from around the area who make a good audience for the speaker.

The most recent talks were given by John Lloyd, who told us about the beginnings of the Baptist cause around Newbridge-on-Wye around 1650 and how the current chapel came to be, and by Rev Misha Pedersen who shared poetry and nature reflections from her native Denmark.

In April, Rev Janet Russell will share on the topic of “Seeds of Faith” – there will be impressive images and, we understand, a bit of a parable to go with it.

WINDOW on the world