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From the Minister


Thought For the Day Friday 29th May


After Jesus’ ascent into heaven, the apostles leave the Mount of Olives and return to Jerusalem. The Apostles along with some women (other than Mary they are not named) gather together in an upper room. They spend time in prayer.

At some point there are about 120 believers gathered. Amongst this gathering Peter tells the believers about the death of Judas, organises an ‘election’ of a replacement, and Matthias is chosen.

This is the only event that we have recorded between the day of Ascension and Pentecost Sunday.

What have we to learn from the events described for us in Acts 1?

I am taken by the instruction of Jesus in verse in verse 4, before his ascent into heaven. Jesus says: “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift.” The gift that Jesus speaks of is the coming of the Holy Spirit.

The action of Peter and the believers shows us how difficult it is ‘to wait!’

Patience is included is the list of the fruit of the Spirit. Some of us have difficulty learning it and we want to be ‘doing’ rather than ‘waiting’.

As I read the account of the appointment of Matthias, I ask the question “where do the rules come from?” Why does it have to be a man? Why does it have to be someone who was there from John’s baptism to the day of the ascension? Where do these rules come from?

Would the decision have been different, if the apostles had done as they were told and just waited?

If they had waited until the Spirit of God came upon them in power, would they have made different rules? Would they have even filled the missing place? Would they have done it by casting lots? Would it have been Matthias that was appointed?

I do not know the answer to any of these questions, but I do know running ahead of God’s leading, when we should be praying and waiting, is always dangerous.

Waiting is difficult. May the Lord give us the fruit of patience and help us to wait on His timing.

Steve Wallis

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