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From the Minister


Thought for the Day Wednesday 6th May


My daily reading today took me to the account of John the Baptist preaching repentance. On hearing his preaching the crowd asked “What should we do then?”

John’s reply is twofold: firstly, those who have, are to share with those who have not.
The second thing comes in his response to the tax-collectors and soldiers. The tax collectors are only to collect that which is due, and the soldiers are not to extort money or falsely accuse people.

The surprising thing about the second response is that it appears to be so obvious. True repentance requires not just a sorrow for past sin, but a heartfelt turning away from those sins.

Tax-collectors adding a bit onto that which was due in order to line their own pockets, was such a common practice that people had forgotten it was wrong. John is pointing out that real honesty as the fruit of repentance is costly, and it requires a change of life.

The same goes for the soldiers. Roman soldiers were an occupying force. A bit of extortion or a bit of false testimony in return for a bribe were common practices, and a way that a soldier added to his meagre wage.

If those who heard the message of John truly repented and did as he said, their changed behaviour would become a talking point, and eventually a challenge to their colleagues. Some would respond positively to the challenge. Others, probably the majority, would start to ostracise those who dealt honestly.

For the Christian in the workplace, there is always a temptation to get involved in the petty pieces of dishonesty that abound. When we stand against it, we truly witness to our repentance, and the power of Christ to change lives.

Steve Wallis

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Updated September 6th, 2020
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