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From the Minister


Thought for the Day Wednesday 22nd April



After the catch of fish and the meal (I think the disciples would have understood this as some-kind of communion meal – more of that tomorrow) Jesus has a conversation with Peter. This is the passage of scripture for all those people who think they have got it wrong, and especially for those people who think “I have got it wrong AGAIN”.

Peter: the bold Peter who tries to walk on water, the impetuous Peter who cuts off Malchus’ ear, knows that he has got it wrong and doesn’t know how his friend is going to react to what Peter sees as his betrayal.

What he finds is the gentle Jesus who not only restores, but entrusts Peter with a new task. Three times Jesus asks Peter “Do you love me?” Three times Peter responds confirming that he does love Jesus (without going into the Greek – there are nuances of the word translated as ‘love’ these six times, which will not bother us today). Each time that Peter responds, Jesus calls him to some work in the kingdom.
“Feed my lambs” – “Take care of my sheep” – “Feed my sheep”.

As a people who get it wrong, sometimes again and again, we do not need to fear as we go back to Jesus and seek forgiveness, because the greatness of Jesus’ love for us means that he always welcomes us back and brings forgiveness. Our failings do not mean that we are banished to the back of the class, never to be called to be anything greater than the ‘milk monitor’. NO, Jesus uses feeble, weak people to do great things.

Never be discouraged. We may get it wrong, but the God of love brings healing and forgiveness, and uses weak, feeble, flawed vessels to do great things.

Steve Wallis

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