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From the Minister


Thought for the Day Monday 20th April


After the appearance of Jesus to Thomas and the other disciples on the first Sunday after the resurrection, the time-line of events becomes a little bit hazy. We know from the gospels of Matthew and Mark that Jesus had told the disciples to go to Galilee, and that they would see him there.

The disciples must have made the journey of some sixty miles before the next appearance of Jesus.

As I try to follow the disciples, I wonder what they talked about on the journey. I wonder whether they made the journey in a hurry, or if they took it at a steady pace. The gospel writers are remarkably silent about the journey.

During this corona-virus crisis, people keep saying that things will never be the same; on the other hand some people are longing for the lockdown to be over so that they can get back to life as usual. I have a sneaky feeling that it won’t take us long after the crisis is over to go back to the way things have always been, and if we learnt any lessons in the lockdown we will soon forget them. Maybe I am a pessimist. I hope to be proved wrong.

As the disciples travel back to Galilee, some of them might be thinking that perhaps their lives would go back to how they had been before they met Jesus. We are told that while they waited for Jesus to appear they went fishing, but we know the resurrection of Jesus changed their lives completely. They became proclaimers of the gospel, no longer humble fisherman on the Sea of Galilee, but world-wide fishers of men.

Life may or may not go back to normal after corona-virus, but life is always changed by a meeting with the risen Jesus.

Steve Wallis

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Updated September 6th, 2020
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