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From the Minister


Thought for the Day Sunday 19th April


A whole week has passed since the last appearance of the risen Jesus. We are told that the disciples are gathered together in a house. This time Thomas is with them. We are told that the doors are locked, we are not told why. Maybe it was still dangerous for the followers of Jesus. After all, if they had crucified the Lord, what might they do to his disciples?

In chapter 21 John tells us that despite the locked doors Jesus came into the room. After the initial greeting to all, “Peace be with you”, the action and conversation are centred on Thomas.

The reason for this is because Thomas was not there to see Jesus on his previous appearances, and when the other disciples told Thomas that Jesus had risen, he responded with words which sound extreme.

It would have been easy for Thomas to go along with the others. After all, he had lived with them for three years as they had followed Jesus together. He had every reason to believe them, and the message they brought was the one that he wanted to hear. But Thomas is not one to go along with the crowd; he has to be convinced in his own mind.

I am not sure the epitaph ‘Doubting Thomas’ really does Thomas justice. I prefer to think about him as ‘Honest Thomas’.

I like the good honest doubt of Thomas. He does not hide it and go along with the others, instead he wears his doubt on the outside. He says unless he sees Jesus with his own eyes and touches him with his own hands, he will not believe.

I think that for many of us in our Christian walk there have been times of doubt, but few of us have been honest enough or brave enough to express those doubts with our fellow believers. The church should be a place not just for those who are certain, but a place for those who are struggling with their faith, to be supported. Three cheers for ‘Honest Thomas’.

Steve Wallis

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