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From the Minister


Thought for the Day Thursday 16th April


Having followed Jesus and his disciples from Palm Sunday to the glorious day of resurrection, I am now trying to follow the disciples from Resurrection Sunday to the day of the Ascension.

As I said in my last thought: Jesus appears to the disciples five or six times on Easter Sunday, but then does not appear again until the following Sunday. We are given few clues as to what the disciples did during that week, but I guess that some of them just went back into their day-to-day routine. After the celebrations of Easter Sunday that is what I have been doing. On Wednesday I took a Funeral service and yesterday had the joy of the 130 mile round trip to Worcester, to take Vanessa to her eight-weekly appointment with oncology. On the way back I stopped to click and collect some wood that I had ordered from B & Q in Leominster. When I got there the wood was bent like a banana. They changed it – so I will hopefully end up with straight shelves and not banana shaped ones. As I drove back two thoughts struck me: The first was a reminder of an ancient TV commercial, ‘happiness is egg-shaped’ with Tony Hancock. In the advert, as Tony Hancock is eating his breakfast egg there is a carpenter putting up shelves. When Patricia Hayes says ‘Happiness is egg-shaped’, Tony Hancock replies ‘and so are his rotten shelves’. If you want a bit of nostalgia you can watch it at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnLyqBtU_F8

My second thought went to the book of Proverbs (as I go out as a visiting preacher I am preaching through the book of Proverbs) where there are seven references to the idea of the path of those who are following the Lord being a straight one. The first of those references comes in chapter 2, where there is a warning against following the ways of the wicked, who have left the straight way. But as I contemplated my warped piece of wood, the thought came to me that the reason that I noticed it was bent, was because I had bought two pieces of wood. The straight one highlighted the bend in the faulty one. I think sometimes we wander off the ‘straight path’ without realising it, and it is only when we see ourselves next to Jesus that we realise that we have gone astray. Praise God that we not only have a God full of mercy and forgiveness, but we have the master carpenter who can make that which is bent straight again.

Steve Wallis

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