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From the Minister


Thought for the Day 13th April


Some years ago a fellow minister asked me: “What do you preach about the Sunday after Easter?” The point of his question wasn’t that he didn’t have any ideas, but having celebrated the great miracle of the resurrection, having proclaimed the victory over death and sin, having proclaimed the triumph of light over darkness, anything else one might have to say pales into insignificance.

In the past I have overcome this problem by celebrating Holy Humour Sunday, ‘cocking a snook’ at the Devil, because the ransom has been paid, the captive has been set free, and the ransom has been snatched back from the kidnapper. On other occasions I have preached a series on the resurrection appearances.

This year I do not have to address my friend’s question in the same way, as I am set free from the responsibility of having to prepare a sermon and lead worship next Sunday. Instead I want to continue my journey with the disciples. There seem to be five or six resurrection appearances of Jesus on Easter Sunday (it is not certain whether the gospels describe the same events or different events that have similarities), but nothing happens on Monday or Tuesday. In fact, the next recorded appearance of Jesus is not until the following Sunday.

I ask myself how they must have felt as each day passed, as each night fell and there were no further appearances of Jesus. Did they begin to doubt what they had seen with their own eyes? Did they begin to doubt what they had heard with their own ears? Did they begin to wonder, whether that was It. They knew that Jesus was risen, but would they ever see him again? We do not know the answer to any of these questions. The gospels remain unhelpfully silent, and all that we have is speculation.

As I contemplate these things at bedtime on Post-resurrection Day One, I am reminded of times in my own Christian walk, when Jesus seemed to be so far away that I doubted that I had met with him at all. Times when my prayers not only seemed to go unanswered but unheard. Times when I wondered whether I would ever know that close fellowship with the Lord ever again. Praise God, into that darkness of the soul eventually the light of Jesus has always shone.

Hallelujah, he is risen, and he who promised never to forsake me has not abandoned me, and he draws close in all the daily tasks of life.

Steve Wallis

Newbridge Baptist Church
Llanafan Road, Newbridge, Powys, LD1 6LY
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