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From the Minister


Thought for the Day Holy Wednesday 8th April


It is odd that having lived through more than sixty Holy Weeks, I have never before really thought about all the days of the week. I have started at Palm Sunday and skipped to Maundy Thursday, having never given any thought to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

This week in forced isolation I have stopped and looked at what Jesus did on each of those days. If you have been following these thoughts you will have noticed that Monday and Tuesday have been very busy days for Jesus, but then we get silence, we are told nothing at all about Wednesday.

What did Jesus do on the Wednesday? We are not told. Many have suggested that he drew aside to pray to prepare himself for the struggles to come. Arguments from silence are always dangerous, but I imagine that Jesus, in some way or other, spent his time preparing himself for the last meeting with his disciples at the last supper, and the terror of the cross.

This got me thinking: There are times when we know something unpleasant is coming and we approach it with fear and trepidation. How do we prepare ourselves to face what is coming? I recently saw an ophthalmologist about a small lump that has appeared next to my eye. He told me that it was nothing to worry about and could be removed, and that it would be relatively painless. He then added that the local anaesthetic would be very painful, but soon over with. One good thing that has come from the self isolation is that I do not have to face this prospect for some time to come, and the lump is getting smaller. I live in hope that it will be gone altogether by the time it can be operated on.

When the letter does arrive giving me a date for the operation, I will approach it with fear and trepidation. The question is, how will I deal with that? Well, one way will be to turn to Jesus, and find strength in the one who has already been there and knows exactly how I am feeling. He will be able to lead me safely through my fears.

Steve Wallis

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