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From the Minister

March, 2020

Thought for the Day Monday 30th March


‘The kingdom of heaven is like the master of a household who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old.’

Still meditating on the same text – maybe Tuesday will lead me to change tack!

We are constantly being told that things will never be the same again once the corona virus is over.

I hope that is the case but have that sneaky feeling that after a few weeks we will all slip back into the old comfortable habits of the past.

Yesterday I mulled over the idea of how to keep Sabbath in these unusual times. As I cogitated on this, I became aware of the fact that many people were just clinging on to the way that we have always done things. Many just tuned into a virtual service showing a minister standing at the front of an empty church doing the reassuring things that we are used to doing on a Sunday.

I am not decrying the ‘old treasures’ but want in these new times to find the ‘new treasures’ that are promised in the text, and once having found them to cling on to them.

I have since the lockdown been keeping in touch with people by telephone. At first this was one of the ‘new treasures’, conversations which were more meaningful than much of the face-to-face contact that I am used to. Today, however, I noticed that some of the phone conversations were just the normal exchange of pleasantries and talk about the business of the chapel. A new technology but the same result. Maybe I need to go back and resort to one of the Richard Baxter Questions ‘How is it with your soul?’ (Richard Baxter 1615 – 91, author of ‘The Reformed Pastor’)

Lord Jesus, help us to cling on to that which is good, but shine your light and show us the way to discover the new treasures that you have stored up for us. Amen

John Rees is still experiencing pain in his shoulder. As all physiotherapy has been stopped, he is not receiving treatment for the pain at the moment.

Rev Dr Michael Collis (Sarn Baptist Chapel) is in hospital in Shrewsbury. He is awaiting major surgery tomorrow.

Steve Wallis

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Updated September 6th, 2020
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